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Research Laboratories

The Optics and Nanoscopy Group have two research laboratories: Laboratory of Quantum and Nonlinear Optics (LOQNL) and Laboratory of Characterization and Microscopy of Materials (LCMMAT). The research activities related to linear, nonlinear and quantum optics are developed at the LOQNL. In turn, the research on microscopy and structural characterization of new materials, in particular nanostructures and biological media, are performed at the LCMMAT. Moreover, our material characterization labs possess some exclusive equipment in the whole of South America. You are welcome to visit our labs and know it for yourself.

Multi-user Labs

GON covers a set of multi-user laboratories under the cares of the technician Ana Rúbia Batista Ribeiro. This labs contains the facilities as described below:

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a) X-ray Powder Diffraction (XRD)

This laboratory is equipped with a X-ray difractometer XRD-6000, Shimadzu.

X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) is a rapid analytical technique primarily used for phase identification of a crystalline material and can provide information on unit cell dimensions. The analyzed material is finely ground, homogenized, and average bulk composition is determined.

b) Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

This laboratory is equipped with a scanning electron microscope SUPERSCAN SSX-550, with integrated EDX and anti-vibration workstation Shimadzu.

A scanning electron microscope is a type of electron microscope that produces images of a sample by scanning the surface with a focused beam of electrons. The electrons interact with atoms in the sample, producing various signals that contain information about the surface topography and composition of the sample.

c) Spectroscopy Lab

This laboratory is equipped with:
• UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer UV-3600, Shimadzu;
• FTIR spectrophotometer IR-Prestige-21, Shimadzu;
• energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDX 800HS, Shimadzu;
• spectrofluorometer Fluorolog®-3, Horiba-Jobin Yvon.

d) Sample Preparation Lab

The laboratory for samples preparation is very well equipped with two fume hoods, muffle furnace, water deionization and distillation system. In addition to basic materials for sample preparation for further characterization in other laboratories.

e) Laboratory of scanning probe microscopy and Raman confocal

This lab is reserved for the Nanonics MultiView 4000TM system, a multi scanning probe microscope. An integrated system capable of performing up to three independent and simultaneous measurements of:
• Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM);
• Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy (SNOM);
• Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM);
• Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM);
• Raman Spectroscopy and TERS;
• Nanolithography e nanoindentation.

Optics Lab

The set of LOQNL are divided in two optical and one Laser microfabrication labs:

The first optical lab (Ti-Saph Lab) has a Ti:Saphire laser Mira 900D (dual:fs and ps) used in pulsed laser research and characterization of nonlinear optical properties of materials. It is also equipped with different spectrometers e.g. for fluorescence measurements.

In the second optical lab (Ar Lab), we generate light using Argon laser Innova 308, Nd:YAG (second harmonic, 8W, cw, Laser Quantum), Nd:YAG "single line" (second harmonic, 50 mW, cw, Quantum Laser) or CW Ti:Safira laser 3900S, with 1 GHz linewidth.

The LOQNL also has the following equipment:

a) Optics Laboratory

• optical tables with active pneumatic, TMC;
• 1 GHz (single shot) digital oscilloscope, Tektronix;
• lock in amplifier Dual Phase 7265, Signal Recovery;
• Digital Delay/Pulse Generator DG535 (Stanford Research);
• Optical power meter 1918-R (Newport);
• spectrometer USB-4000, Ocean Optics;
• Optical Chopper MC2000 (Thorlabs).

b) Microfabrication Laboratory

• µFab Workstation Laser System (Newport);
• Spirit One Laser (Spectra-Physics);
• Chameleon Ultra Laser (Coherent).


Difratômetro de Raios-X Shimadzu, modelo XRD-6000

MEV modelo SUPERSCAN SSX-550 com EDX integrado.

Espectrofotômetro UV/VIS (Modelo UV-3600, Shimadzu).

Espectrofotômetro de FTIR. IRPrestige-21, Shimadzu.

Espectrômetro de fluorescência de raios X por Energia Dispersiva - EDX 800HS

Espectrofluorímetro modular Fluorolog 3, Horiba-Jobin Yvon

Capela de fluxo laminar e bancada para preparação e manipulação de amostras

Microscópio de varredura Multissondas, integrado com Espectrômetro Raman

Torre de controle do MultiView 4000 e do Xplora integrado

Ti:Saphire Mira 900D, Nd:YAG and Argon lasers

µFab Workstation Laser System with Spirit One and Chameleon Lasers

optical tables with active pneumatic, TMC and spectrometers